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Essential Business Metrics

Subscription Metrics

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) chart

Feel confident in your decision making

Discover your monthly recurring revenue, churn, churn rate, customer lifetime value, and more. We provide all of the metrics that top SaaS businesses depend on to make informed business decisions.

Stay up-to-date

Daily updates allow you stay on top of the latest financial changes to your business. You'll never miss critical changes that affect your business.

We specialize in Braintree metrics

Most of our competitors split their focus between multiple payment providers. We only support Braintree, and our focus is on providing the best experience for Braintree customers.

Forecasting Beta

MRR Forecast

More Than Just Metrics

High-quality, configurable forecasts without the need for a specialized analyst.


Custom Alerts

Alerts allow you to filter out the noise and to quickly be notified about the changes to your business that you find most important.

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) year-over-year change alert


Twelve month MRR cohort analysis

Cohort Analysis

New onboarding process? Released a big new feature? Cohort analysis helps you to see how changes to your product have impacted customer retention and revenue generation.


Monthly Goals

Keep your team on track by setting monthly goals. Goals give you daily feedback on whether you moving towards your target numbers. Use goals to spot trends and make the necessary adjustments.

Monthly recurring revenue goal for the current month